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Red carpet at the Park Avenue Armory on February 5th for the 12th Annual LFNY Gala!

On February 5th, the Park Avenue Armory was the place to be. Despite the driving rain, the 1,000 Gala guests brought shimmer and shine on the red carpet to mark the 75th anniversary of the Lycée Français de New York at its annual Gala.
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> CM2 trip to Frost Valley
> Talent Show
> Happy Birthday, LFNY!
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Frédéric Yvelin
Secondary Science teacher

"The Lycée secretly harbors and then unveils a lot of talent!"
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 In Short  
ART    Art and Fashion
Marta Efremov (Sister of André in CE1 A) came to visit the students in CE1a. As a student at Parsons The New School For Design she presented a few fashion drawings. This year, students were inspired in drawing their models by the theme of dragons in children's stories and the works of Vassily Kandinsky that they are studying this year. Marta gave them fabric samples so that they could reproduce the drawings on their model. Anne Santos, French elementary teacher
TRIP    Nevermore at The Victory Theater
Y8 Students went to see a musical, Nevermore, a spectacular and intense show on the life and work of Edgar Alan Poe. The stage was divided in two, allowing actors to have a wide playground where they recreated happy or frightening highlights in the writer's life focused on fantasy literature. Our young students' emotions ranged from laughter to shivering. They really enjoyed the original scores as well as the extravagant costumes made from recycled materials (paper, sticks and barbed wire). Alexandra, student in 4eme2, shares her impression: "The way the play was acted made me forget everything around me. I was concentrating on the play and the actors. The lighting as well as the actors, the costumes and the scenery made it all very credible. I felt like I was standing in the middle of the stage and it was all happening around me." Clemence, student in 4eme1, said: "It is hard for me to describe all my emotions during the play so I will use a comparison. Seeing Nevermore was like being on a roller coaster ride. I was frightened, yet happy about it.
AWARENESS    The Aids Virus
Y9 Students, as a supplement to their Biology class lessons on the immune system, received special instruction on the Aids Virus. With Florence Degouge, lycée nurse, they became experts on AIDS, addressing subjects ranging from illness, contamination, sexuality, screening and drug abuse. Thanks to the testimony of young people who are HIV-positive, they will remember all their lives that "It can happen to you, so protect yourself." Florence Degouge, Nurse
ART    Ubuntu
On December 3, Emmanuel André, parent at the school, came to the Lycée to speak to Y8 students about South Africa and students' artistic projects from the townships. This exceptional experience gave birth to an exhibition, a book and a documentary under the name UBUNTU. To see pictures, film extracts, details of the project and much more… go to > www.projeqt.com/ubuntu. To buy the book or make a donation, contact hongtam.andre@gmail.com. Laurent Pointud, History and Geography Teacher
ART     The "sufragettes" at the French Consulat
August 2010 marked the 90th anniversary of women's vote in America and, in commemoration of the event, all Fifth Grade students at the Lycée engaged in an interdisciplinary research project during the last academic year combining history, art and writing. They went back in time exploring the lives of 100 remarkable women belonging to the international suffrage movement that made significant and lasting contributions to our societies around the globe. In addition, they were asked to research within their own family the first woman who might have voted and write her story. A first exhibit was held at the Lycee at the end of May 2010 and, this year, during the last two weeks in January, we were honored to show our project at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in celebration of the centennial of the International Women's Day. Mireille Miller, Elementary art teacher
LITERATURE    Writing and Imagination
Learning to write letters was the challenge of the year for CE2 classes. CE2 Students saw the beginning of the movie "The Triplets of Belleville". Then they imagined the letter Madame Souza might have written to her grandson, Champion, who was kidnapped while competing in The Tour de France. The brave grandmother pursued the criminals. She even rented a pedal boat to follow their boat and cross an ocean. Each student wrote his letter and then typed it on the computer using Word. You can read the letters of > Rodrigue Magdelénat and > Maxime Gateau. More letters can be read on the Primary blog > http://primary.blog.lfny.org/ username: familles - Password: lfny752010 Annie Rollot, French elementary teacher
LITERATURE    Sudden Fiction Contest
In honor of LFNY's 75th Anniversary, the English department sponsored a Sudden Fiction Contest, for which students submitted 75-word short stories. The winners in 6eme and 5eme were announced at the end of the Spelling Bee on January 18 (the 75th day of school). Olympe Scherer's story won in 6eme, and Peter Vanderslice's story won in 5eme. The winners in 4eme through Terminale will be announced at the student assemblies in March. Congratulations to our talented sudden fiction authors. Robin Aufses, Director of English Studies
LITERATURE    When Literature Sends You a Challenge!
Students from CM2E and 6ème3, together with their teachers Harold Gretouce and Stephanie Caralp, enthusiastically took on in a CM2-6eme literary challenge. Organized by teacher librarians, Nicolas Kermabon, Julie Lesourd and Claire Lansac, the challenge consists in reading 12 previously selected books and creating questions in different forms: words, drawings or mimes. A meeting between the classes will be held in the spring. Participants will have to play with the words, characters, places and adventures, and avoid tricks in the questions asked by the other class. Students and teachers will most certainly remember those books! A reading committee put together by the CDI and the BCD with teachers from 3rd grade and 6eme selected the 12 books. In order to follow this literary challenge, you can read "The Drinker of Spelling Errors" by Eric Sanvoisin, "The Lost Islands" by Pierre Davy, "The Song of the Innocent" by Irene Cohen-Jacob, "Z like Zinkoff" by Jerry Spinelli and more. Claire Lansac, Librarian - Primary Level
MUSIC    Be Bop with the 1st grade and 2nd grade Classes
On January 26th, Ben Allison and his Jazz musicians came to the Lycee and performed jazz! for CP and CE1 students. Ben Allison and his musicians had rehearsed Anthropology, a very famous song co- written by Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, wanting the students from the Lycee Français to perform Be Bop! Music Teacher Jacques Letalon is convinced that the more students discover talented musicians the better they will listen and appreciate music. Jacques Letalon, Primary Music Teacher
AWARD    NCTE Award for the LFNY Literary Magazine
"The Fridge" received an award from NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English): Superior-Nominated Highest Award. The magazine was one of only five to be honored in that category. Congratulations to teacher advisor Magalie Simeray and to the magazine's talented student writers, artists and editors. Robin Aufses, Director of English Studies
IT    Bandwidth Upgrades
Recently, all the wireless ports in every floor of the Lycée were upgraded from 54 MBPS to 120 MBPS, to help improve the wireless bandwidth throughout both towers. This upgrade will help to improve the classroom experience for teachers and students when using the school's laptops. This summer there will be addition wireless access points installed to increase the number of connections available. The additional access points will help to improve coverage on each floor, as well as to provide the strongest possible signal to every classroom.
INTERNET    Internet Bandwidth
A new fiber connection to our Internet Service Provider is currently being installed. Once completed, the Lycée will have a 100 MBPS connection out to the Internet, which will dramatically improve the classroom experience for teachers and students. Coupled together with the SmartBoards and laptop carts, teachers will be able to utilize the resources and educational sites available on the web more efficiently. The installation of this new fiber line will allow the school to dedicate specific bandwidth purely for students to use, outside of the classroom, to enhance their research and studies when using their personal computing devices. The IT Team
BLOG    The New Blog from the Sport Leagues
The Sports Writing Club at the Lycee has created a blog on leagues geared towards families and students from the Lycee. You will find pictures, videos, and articles on the latest sports events in basketball, gymnastics, volleyball and more. This blog can be found at > http://leagues.blog.lfny.org/. Come and participate in the lives of the Leagues and add your comments! The team of the blog: Sport First! Jérôme Fau, Sport Teacher
EVENT    Save the Date: Spring Fair 2011 is coming!
LFNY World's Fair: Travel around the world with us... Do not miss the Spring Fair at the Lycée on Saturday, May 14th from 10am to 4pm. A fun event for the entire family, celebrating our international community! Kick off meeting: Wednesday, March 16th at 8:30am in the Cafeteria. We are looking for coordinators and volunteers in the following areas: country booth, cafeteria, French used book sale... and much more. Please join us to learn more, or if you are unable to attend this meeting, but wish to participate, please email Marysella Castillo at mcastillo@lfny.org. Mary-Hope Chauvirey, Claire Gaudet & Anna Lynn Oppenheimer 2011 Co-Chairs

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"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. "

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