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 In Focus   

A look back at the June 15 2011, Graduation Ceremony

On Tuesday June 15, LFNY organized the 2011 graduation ceremony at the 92nd Street Y. This created the occasion for all to gather in a special atmosphere as festive as it was nostalgic.
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 In Pictures   
> Grande Section Parade
> Festival Première Scène
> Spring Fair
> Good-Bye Ceremony for Yves and Annick Thézé
> Senior Class Gift
> Fête Française
> Secondary Sport Night Awards
> La flûte enchantée & The day they shot John Lennon
> Gatsby Party
> Parents' Day
> Spring Concert
> End-of-year shows

Corina Stonebanks and Anne Dulout
New APL co-chairs

"Volunteering at the LYCEE was an easy and nice way to be part of such an interesting community. You give time and in exchange you receive a lot. "
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 In Short  
ART    The 2011 Rose Festival/strong>
On April 22, the 4th and 5 grades celebrated the Rose Festival. The classes worked on a variety of projects over the course of the school year including: skit writing with an ecology message, creating musical instruments, and building imaginary societies i preparation for a joint end-of-year show. One part of this project was to create a booklet for the students to exchange during the Rose Festival. This festival, which originated in Catalonia, is celebrated world-wide. According to legend, a knight saved a princess by slaying the dragon that was about to devour her. A rose sprung up from its remains. He offered the rose to the princess who gave him a book in exchange. This holiday, which is usually celebrated on April 23, is also the occasion to commemorate the death of Cervantes, author of "Don Quixote de la Mancha." On Friday, April 22, the children of both classes invited their parents to take part and enjoy the exhibit of their booklets, little masterpieces of drawings and writings in Mireille Miller's art room. To conclude the event, the children went off in small groups to do their own investigations in the shelves of the library to learn more about Catalonia and Cervantes. Annaig Herzig and Marion Aujean hope to keep this event going at the LFNY every year and to encourage the entire lycée community to participate… To your books and to next year! You may find photos of the event on the blog for the two classes: > http://primary.blog.lfny.org/
SCIENCE    Science Challenge in 3rd Grade
The 3rd grade students needed to find a way to separate salt and pepper that had been mixed together. They first tried to separate them by experimenting with strainers, pin tweezers and funnels. Then they resorted to a filtration process. You can read a report by Ondine Lecomte on using a filter. You can also go to the 3rd grade students' blog to see the two videos about these experiments. > http://primary.blog.lfny.org/ Log famille Username : familles Password: lfny752010 Annie Rollot, Elementary Teacher
CULTURE    Press Week
In honor of Press Week in the schools, thjis March and April the Primary library awarded two CM2 students for their participation in the Front Page Contest for captioning, on the theme of the environment. Students wrote captions for images taken from 2010 news. Edgar Crassier, 5th grade: Beneath the sunset, a Haitian man and his son enjoy the happiness like there was before. Matéo Mazières, 5th grade: Over the course of the morning, the white bears awaken in peace but they sense that something is bubbling… the ice cap is melting. Claire Lansac, Primary School librarian
CAREER    Preschool Career week
This May the second annual career week in preschool thrilled small and big folks alike. The students had the opportunity to discover exciting jobs and hobbies. With a great deal of interaction and enthusiasm, the children played architect, decorated homes, practiced yoga, learned about being an airline pilot, worked on cultural differences, tasted smoothies, became sound engineers and made a lot of other discoveries... enough to inspire careers! Many thanks to all of the parent volunteers who gave their time and their energy for this project. Laurence Barrabes, VP Preschool
SPORT    "Impossible" is not French!
The French Schools in North America Games in New York in numbers: 220 students to house for 5 days, 1280 meals, 28 referees, 14 delegations from 3 countries, 12 buses, 8 different athletic facilities, 7 sponsors, 5 medal ceremonies (including the opening ceremony), 3 photographers, 2 logos created by the LFNY students, 1 mascot, 1 website organized by the Consulate General of France in New York, 280 athletes, their heads filled with happy memories! This was a great celebration of sports successfully put together for the enjoyment of youth, parents, spectators, teachers and sponsors! Many thanks to all the parents for their kindness and their accommodations, particularly to the "ambassadors," the team at the Consulate General of France in New York and to Consul General Philippe Lalliot, to the LFNY and Mr. Thézé for his support, to the APL and Ms. Dulout, to FASNY and Ms. Kennedy for having housed two delegations. Thanks also to the participants in the games (teachers and students), and finally to all those who contributed to their success—photographers, graphic designers, computer and Internet staff, the audiovisual team, publicity, Flik for the meals, the janitorial staff at LFNY, the administration and the accounting office. Fireworks with an athletic grand finale for our 75th Anniversary! Goodbye and see you soon, Hugues O'Csay, Director of Athletics

> Good Bye!

> Academic Olympiads : Jan Dlabal, third prize in Mathematics!

> Annual Fund Volunteers

> Another wonderful year to help the community

> Academic Success
> Cécile Crassier's Favorites

> 75th Musical


September 6
First Day of School for Y 1-6 and Y 10-12

September 7
First Day of School for maternelle and Y 7-9

September 14, 8am
Welcome Fair

September 23, 8:45am
GS Breakfast

October 10
Columbus Day, school closed



"In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And, the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility."

Eleanor Roosevelt

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