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Student Well-Being at the Lycée Français de New York

The Well-Being Task Force has a single goal: to ensure that LFNY students have "the most safe, healthy, balanced and positive educational environment possible."
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> Veteran's Day, November 11th
> Halloween Parade/UN Day/Pumpkin Picking
> The Cultural Center in pictures
> Fall Festival
> Winter Concert
> Thanksgiving lunch

Elisabeth King
Director of Communications

"When I look back at my work life, my career path seems to have been paved straight to 505 E 75th Street!"
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 In Short   
EVENT    The Veteran's Day Celebration at the Lycée
This past November 11th, our 9th grade students celebrated Veterans' Day by participating in an inspiring ceremony in the Lycée auditorium. 43 American veterans, who took part in the Liberation of France during the Second World War, were adorned with the insignia of the Legion of Honor by the Ambassador of France to the United States, François Delattre, and by the President of the American Society of the Legion of Honor, Guy Wildenstein. On behalf of all their 9th grade classmates, Clémence Grosgogeat (3ème 1), Aicha Tine (3ème 2), Matej Dlabal (3ème 3) and Edouard Dessaint (3ème 4) read some stories and poetic excerpts in honor of the veterans.
Laurent Pointud, History/Geography Teacher, secondary

ART    The 2nd graders (CE1A) at the Metropolitan Museum
In the context of our French/English partnership, we went to the Metropolitan Museum to see and learn about paintings by Claude Monet. Mrs. Gamble and I had previously introduced this artist's work to the class and studied the techniques of the Impressionist painters. Similarly, in their art class with Mireille Miller, the students learned to compare their own paintings with those of the masters and began to work with oil paint. (Oil paint on the left by Timothy Owen) The CE1A students were divided into groups of 3, 4 or 5 with a parent or teacher chaperone. They responded to a questionnaire and had the opportunity to participate in both French and English. This trip gave the children a chance to express themselves: Florian: "I like Claude Monet because he painted outdoors and was inspired by nature." Luca: "I have seen Monet's garden at Giverny. My favorite painting is the Japanese bridge." Bianca: "I like Monet's 'touches.' He is a good painter." Clara: "He loved painting water, boats and people. Even if people didn't like his paintings, he kept painting."
Anne Santos, Elementary teacher
IN THE CLASSROOMS    News from the Primary
This year, for the first time at the LFNY, the Primary school has its own newspaper. The 16 students who participate in the journalism club every Monday with Mylène Ardid (Cycle 2 Head) and Mary-Kate Burke (Elementary Teacher) wrote articles, which will be published in this newspaper. Be ready! The first issue will come out in January 2012! This year, since October, each 5th grade student has his or her own badge! It's called "The badge of trust" because it allows them to walk independently to and from the cafeteria, recess, and the library. Students may loose their badges if they don't respect the discipline plan. The goal is to teach them autonomy and how to monitor their own behavior.
Mylène Ardid, Cycle 2 coordinator, Primary
IN THE CLASSROOMS    News from the 3rd graders (CE2C)
On October 6 2011, the students of the CE2C class went to New York's Whitney Museum to see an exhibition dedicated to Lyonel Feininger (1871 – 1956). This artist was born in New York and lived in Germany for a long time. He painted using Cubist and Expressionist techniques. He also created many caricatures, and he illustrated cartoons. The CE2 C students wrote texts inspired by his paintings. Click here to see the writings of two students, > Caroline and > Jake. Go to the Primary Blog to see the work of the other students. On the CE2C class blog, you will also see a video of our trip to the Pain Quotidien where the kids turned into little bakers and made pretzels. In addition, we are doing workshops on RESPECT. Go see the first episode of our thoughts on respect. The children will be making more short videos throughout the year.
Annie Rollot, Elementary teacher

IN THE CLASSROOMS    A Joint Project for Primary and Secondary
Last month, the students from CM1D (4th Grade) had the opportunity to participate in a lab session with the 5ème4 (7th Grade) students. Part of the science program overlaps for these two grades. The younger students benefited from the experience of the older students, particularly in manipulating materials. For their part, the 4th-grade students shared knowledge which the 7th graders had not yet studied in class. The goal of the session was to demonstrate the role of stomach enzymes in digesting food. The students mixed proteins and enzymes in one test tube, and proteins and water in another. The tubes were heated to 98.6°F to reproduce the temperature of the human body. Thirty minutes into the experiment, the students observed that the proteins in the presence of enzymes had disappeared, while in the other tube they were still present. They were able to conclude that enzymes indispensable for the proper digestion of food. This session was highly instructive for both grades. The 4th graders learned the importance of observational experience and rigorous scientific reasoning in arriving at a logical conclusion. The 7th graders, by taking the time to guide their young partners through each step of the experiment, learned the lesson and strengthened their knowledge.
"At first I was scared, and when I got to the classroom there were lots of older kids. I thought they were going to eat me up! But they told us to choose a 7th grader and I chose a girl who, to my surprise, was my friend's older sister! Then the teacher told us what we were going to do." Eléonore, CM1D
"It was surprising to see how the younger students learned so quickly, and it was fun to have them work with us since we could tell them what it's like to be in Secondary." Léonard, 5e4

Given the students' enthusiasm and the delight of the teachers in working together, this project, initiated last year, will continue in coming years.
Claire Lespinasse, Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre teacher, Secondary et Jérôme Rieunau, Elementary teacher
IT    Tablets in Kindergarten
Thanks to Julien Guichet, the Lycée is recycling PC tablets that are too old to work with our new IT system by equipping them with a Linux system for children (Qimo) and using them in the Kindergarten classes. The tablets allow children to familiarize themselves with a computer environment adapted to their needs and to learn while having fun. Discovery, mathematics, reading, puzzles, memory games, drawings, and typing are all different ways our little angels can benefit from using these tools.
Julien Guichet, IT Primary Integrator


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