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Fall Festival: an Annual Tradition at the Lycée Français de New York!

When the leaves begin to fall and the weather transitions from warm to brisk, the LFNY community knows it's time to get ready for the annual Fall Festival. This year the Fall Festival marked its 6th anniversary. "The Fall Festival is a great opportunity to bring the community together", says Sakina Bonne, Fall Festival co-chair.
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> Primary Sports
> Halloween Parade
> UN Day
> Pumpkin Picking
> Winter Concert
> Cultural Center

Amy Zuflacht
Director of Pre-School and Summer Camp

"I love being able to interact with the children and parents on a daily basis."
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CULTURE    What's happened at the Cultural Center since October?
The Cultural Center is participating in the 75th Anniversary by organizing a series of conferences. The first conference, on October 28th, was focused on "Human Rights in the Global World: Challenges in Times of Emergency". The Cultural Center has welcomed different guests: on October 26th Jack Lang talked to the students from Y11 and Y12 about the globalization of culture. On November 23Olivier Barrot, writer and journalist, treated the students of Y10 with a literary anthology during his conference on "Gallimard, 100 Years of Publication". He told the life story of Gaston Gallimard, a groundbreaking publisher who took risks to publish the best authors. On November 30 and December 1, Patrick Segal told the story of his extraordinary life to the students from 6th grade and up. "Simply Living", the title of his conference, is not easy when one is handicapped. Patrick Segal has transformed his life into an advocate for the disabled. Get involved to better understand. In a nutshell, this was the message from journalist Florence Aubenas, author of "Le Quai de Ouistreham", Y10 and Y12 students. For movie nights, the public enjoyed "All That Glitters" a tragic-comedy on the alienation of French young people in the suburbs (October 6). In "No Hard Feeling", Thierry Lhermitte, a rediscovered father is able to pass on to his son a real passion for literature (November 3). "Outside the Law", a moving depiction of the Algerian war(December 1). The first concert of the year was an exclusive performance by the Opéra Français de New York for the LFNY and included "Rameau Redux", a multimedia performance, mixing the harpsichord music by Rameau and text from the "Neveu de Rameau" by Diderot (November 10). Pascal Richard

CULTURE    For the sake of a good story
On October 27 and 28, the CE1 students met French author-illustrator Claire Frossart who presented her lastest picture book "Emma's Journey". It is a remarkable book with photographs from New York and Paris and illustrations narrating the first trip of a little sparrow to Paris. Thanks to the preparation work of teachers and the cycle head, and thanks to the quality of French reading and drawing workshops, it was a very delightful workshop. Read the book at the BCD! Claire Lansac

DANCE    American Ballet Theatre at the Lycée
For the last two years, a dancer from the American Ballet Theater has been spending two weeks at the Lycée for two weeks, giving ballet classes to the students from the CP. This year, the workshops focused on The Nutcracker. The last workshop took place at the American Ballet Theater on Broadway, where parents were invited to attend and discover the choreography their children had been working on with the teacher. "These moments are magical for the students and they attended the dance classes with much seriousness. I think that the magic of passion can be communicative" says Yayane Conesa, Coordinator of Cycle 2.
EVENT    Veteran's Day Ceremony at the Lycée
During November 11, 2010 Veteran's Day Ceremonies, 19 US veterans received the French Legion of Honor. Each veteran was assigned a 9th grade student who, prior to the event, had sent a letter to introduce himself and explain his role during the ceremony. During the event, ridden with emotion, the behavior of the students was remarkable. > Click here to see the students' work. Laurent Pointud

EVENT     Save the date Gala 2011
Gala 2011 75th Anniversary will take place Saturday, February 5, at the Park Avenue Armory. It will honor French journalist, Anne Sinclair, as the recipient of the Charles de Ferry de Fontnouvelle award for distinguished service to the French-American community. We are now accepting table reservations (Platinum Table $25,000 - Gold Table $20,000 - Silver Table $10,000). Individual Gala Tickets at $400 per ticket will be available in January 2011. If you would like to participate by submitting an auction item or by volunteering please contact Marysella Castillo at mcastillo@lfny.org.
TRAINING    Why was the school closed on November 29th?
Professional Development Day at the LFNY is a learning day for academic and non-academic staff at the school. The day started with a conference by guest speaker Patrick Segal. After that, the staff split up into groups to attend a selection of workshops: PowerPoint, Excel, How to Be a Good Team Member, Stress Relief and much more. Professional Development day is an occasion for employees of the school to keep growing in their position. This annual event is an opportunity to bring together all the colleagues from different departments. For the teachers, Professional Development Day provides them with a chance to work with their colleagues to improve instruction at the school. They were able to learn new methods of education, work on School Improvement Plans and train themselves on Smartboard Tables for instance. As one of our staff said, "After this day, I feel more energized in my work". The day was definitely a great success!
SALE    À Table: LFNY Community Cookbook is now available
À Table is the Lycée Français de New York's first community cookbook. It is a collection of 250 recipes submitted by parents, extended family, students, alumni and staff. The cookbook not only embraces our Franco-American traditions, but also represents over forty nationalities, making it as international as the LFNY community. Priced at $45 each or $40 each for purchases of two or more copies. À Table is also available for sale at the 75th Street 2nd Floor Reception Desk.
TRIP    8th grade IDD students visit the NYC Police Museum
On Thursday, November 10, Dr. Plaza and Mr. Whitman took their 8th grade IDD students to the NYC Police Museum to learn how the city was policed in the nineteenth century. The theme of this year's IDD is New York in the nineteenth century and the class is preparing a blog to share its research regarding nineteenth-century New Yorkers with friends and family. Visit > www.idd-adayinthelife.blogspot.com to see their research and photos from their visit. Arthur Plaza
TRIP    6th graders went to the New Victory Theater
On Friday, October 8th, students from four 6th grade classes had the opportunity to attend the evening performance "Puss in Boots" at the New Victory Theater with their French and Drama teachers (MH. Brabant, S. Caralp, C. Genoux, D. Gillert, N. Roussel and M. Resal) "Our young students really enjoyed this cartoon like opera, not far from Shrek, with its breathtaking puppets. For many it was an introduction to an art form they were not familiar with. They were thrilled to be able to ask questions to the comedians after the show. "This is an evening that the students will not forget!" Catherine Genoux. Wilfrid, a student from 6ème1, shared his impressions: "I think the director chose to use puppets instead of humans because they are more fun. They are a sort of caricature and make fun of the character. The point is to make the public laugh and make the show more interesting. The moment I like best is when the cat enters the castle and that the ogre transforms himself into all the different animals the cat wishes to capture."
BLOG    New blogs for the Maternelles and the Primary
The Maternelles and the Primary have created blogs which are available for Lycée families. You can find these blogs on > http://primary.blog.lfny.org/ and > http://maternelle.blog.lfny.org/. . Check these blogs often to know what's going on in your children's classes: their projects, productions, artworks… Don't hesitate to add a comment, but don't forget the sign it otherwise they won't be accepted!
SPEAKER SERIES     Come to the second 75th anniversary conference on January 27, 2011!
The second 75th Anniversary conference will take place on October 28th and will focus on "Food and Wine, a French Art de Vivre". The guest speakers, all high-level professionals in the fields of cuisine and wine, include Eric Ripert, chef at "Le Bernardin" and Sophie Schÿller-Thierry, owner of Chateau Kirwan. They will discuss the future of the French Art de Vivre, especially here in the United States. Don't miss it!

> Time's Flying – Celebration Our 75th Anniversary Continues Apace at LFNY

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Fall Season Results


Middle School Girls
AIPSL Championship

Middle School A
5th out of 9 teams

Middle School B
2nd out of 11 teams

Junior Varsity
3 out of 6 teams

Girls Varsity
15th out of 17 teams

Boys Varsity
Champion out of 8 teams


Girls Middle School
2nd out of 6 teams

Junior Varsity Girls
2nd out of 9 teams

Girls Varsity
6th out of 9 teams

Cross Country

High School
Girls 3rd out of 5 schools
Boys 1st out of 6 schools

Middle School
Girls 2nd out of 3 schools
Boys 3rd out of 5 schools


Dec 20 - Jan 4
Winter Recess

January 12, 7pm
Movie: Cartagena with Sophie Marceau and Christophe Lambert

January 17
Martin Luther King Day, school closed

January 19, 7:30pm
Pro Musicis Concert in memory of Serge Bellanger

January 21, 6pm
Secondary Talent Show

January 27, 6:30pm
Conference for the 75th anniversary
Food and Wine, a French Art de Vivre

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"Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. "

Hal Borland

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