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Class of 2010: Successes and Goodbyes
Tuesday, June 15, over 100 LFNY Terminale students said their goodbyes to the Lycée Français de New York during a graduation ceremony at the 92nd Street Y. A few days later, 100% of them passed their bac, 85% of them with honors. Read more on this highly emotional ceremony, as well as the successes of the 74th class of the LFNY.
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 In Pictures   
> I Love New York,
Bells Are Ringing,
Defying Gravity
> A Spring Fair Full of Colors
> End-of-Year Shows on the Primary Side
> Happy Mother's Day!

Mireille Miller
Primary Arts Teacher

"This project led to an oral transmission of family history"
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 In Short   
SCIENCE    Together, 6ème 1 and GSA, made bread
As part of an exchange between primary and secondary schools, 6ème 1 and GSA students (Martine Breuzard and Hania Mardam-Bay’s students), made bread. During this workshop, entitled ‘transformation of bread dough’, students were working in pairs (one 6ème and 1 GS student) and concentrated on making bread. Alternating using and not using baking powder, they were able to witness the role that yeast plays in the rising of dough and to observe the yeast under the microscope. The following day, younger and older students met to taste their bread with nutella and jam! Fanny Antoine
ARTS    Life and work of Pablo Picasso by CE1A
Throughout the school year, CE1A students have discovered and studied Pablo Picasso. With the help of Mireille Miller, they produced beautiful works based on Picasso’s drawings and paintings from his Cubist period. Some of these works were embroided on scarves which were exhibited in the art room on May 6. They worked with Lise Vachon to perform a piece about ‘the life and works of Pablo Picasso’. “Thanks to Pablo Picasso, we have grown up and become more mature. We learned a lot and stepped into the world of colors, forms, imagination and abstraction” said the students. Anne Santos
PHILOSOPHY    Polysophia.com : epistemological meditations of the Terminales
Ten months after the launching of an epistemology club at the Lycée, philosophy teacher Mr. Leylavergne invites you to go to www.polysophia.com, where comments from a few terminale students on mathematics aesthetics, genetic determinism and freedom, or microfinance as a sustainable development tool can be found. Several teachers from the LFNY (Mr. Leylavergne, Ms. Rocca, Mr. Soquet, Mr. Zemmit and Mr. Loumbrozo) as well as outside speakers helped students formulate these thoughts, which are quite intricate. "I found myself thinking it was quite unfortunate that a school where education is so much based on the thinking process, was so rarely a place of thorough discussions on the different subjects which are being taught” explains Mr. Leylavergne. "Thanks to these bold and detailed articles, we have succeeded in reaching our goal.” he adds. Julien Perthuis, 2nde
PHYSICS    The Roller Coaster at Six Flags : a scientific case study
In the collective imagery, ‘roller coasters’ are considered fun and intense entertainment, which scares some people while thrilling others. Those engines, with design inspired by the sled races in Russia, where players would spring from the top of snow covered hill tops, are masterpieces of modern engineering. This is why all 1èreS students went to Six Flags, a famous amusement park located in New Jersey, on National Physics Day. Three science teachers accompanied the students who took measurements and observed the rides to understand the laws and physic processes which allow these machines to work. Thanks to this field trip, students were able to appreciate the relationship between theory learned in class and reality, but also that science, often considered as abstract and boring, is at the source of one of the most entertaining devices in the world. In his essay entitled The World As I See It, Mr. Albert Einstein talked about this paradox in the following way: “The main role of a teacher is to awaken the joy of working and knowing.” Francesco Mogini, 1ère
REPORT    2008-2009 Report of Giving - Errata
The LFNY aplogizes to LFNY parents Stephen Vann and Mary-Lynn Halland whose names were omitted in the list of members of the 2008-2009 Cultural Center Committee listed in the 2008-2009 Report of Giving.
> The Closing of Another Great Year

> Debating the News at the Press Club

> National Scholastic Art Awards for the LFNY

> $4 million Raised to Benefit the Lycée

> Serving the Community, Their Pleasure!


Spring Season Results

Track & Field

LFNY Record in shot put: Eleejah Noah (4ème) with 7 meters

LFNY Record in 4x100m relay: Maxine, Mathilde, Fiona et Montana in 58"62

High School PSAA Championship
Girls 2nd, Boys 3rd

High School ISAL Championship
Girls 1st, Boys 3rd


2010 ISAL Champion
Clémence Henry with 33pts

ISAL Championship
Lycée ranked 5th


MS Girls 2010 Champions!


September 7
First Day of School for CP through 6ème and 2nde through Tles

September 8
First Day of School for maternelle and 5ème through 3ème

Late September
75th Anniversary Launch Party

October 11
Columbus Day, no class

October 15-25
Mid-term vacations

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"Learning life through school is a year-round experience."

French proverb

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