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Fall Festival Reinvents Itself Every Year
Thirty-nine vendors of fine goods, 18 classes that ranged from preparing food to playing soccer to mastering the art of reverse glass painting, and an extensive French book fair: in its fifth year, the Fall Festival has continued to improve and grow in popularity, becoming an important event in the school calendar.
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 In Pictures   
> Preschool Halloween Parade
> Primary Sports Day in Central Park
> Students Delegates Trained at Frost Valley
> President Sarkozy pays tribute to Elsa Berry

Nicolas L'Hotellier
New Assistant Head of Secondary School

"What I like the most about my job is spending time with the students."
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 In Short   
FACULTY    All Teachers' Bios Are Now Online
To learn more about our faculty members, where they come from, their prior experience and hobbies, you can go to the LFNY website. All teacher bios are now online. To access the page > click here.
EVENTS    Gala 2010 needs your help and support
The planning process for Gala 2010 is underway. The Gala committee needs your assistance to secure items for the live and silent auction and corporate sponsorship. Please contact Marysella Castillo (212.439.3853) in the Development Office for further information or visit the gala website at > www.lfnygala.org. We look forward to another wonderful celebration in 2010.
ECONOMICS    Terminale ES Students Go To Columbia University
The 47 students in TES1 and TES2 were lucky enough to attend an economics class given by Professor Sala-i-Martin on Monday, October 4, 2009 at Columbia University. A world specialist on economic growth (a theme studied by the Terminale ES students), Professor Sala delivered a dynamic class with humorous notes that charmed all of those present. This visit, organized by the students' economic and social sciences teacher, was an enriching experience for the Lycée students who were also able to observe an university classroom and lecture, at an Ivy League school no less. Zohair Ghenania
ARTS    Looking Like a Monster
For Halloween, the Moyenne Section classes worked on a “Monsters” theme. After listening to tales and exploring how monsters were represented in mythology, each MSC student drew a huge monster’s head with oil pastels and then painted it with watercolors. The heads were then reinforced, cut out and decorated with various elements of the children’s choosing—hair, beards, mustaches… Of course, for the picture you had to look really scary… and try not to smile (and THAT is REALLY difficult!) Florence Leyret-Jeune.
SCIENCE    Central Park: The 6eme’s Subject of Scientific Study
Students in 6eme took a field trip to study the environment of Central Park, focusing on the grass, the undergrowth, and the pond. The students discovered the composing elements, living creatures, minerals, and also, the consequences of human actions. They also measured the temperature, humidity, light, and figured out where true north lay. This field trip allowed them to ask scientific questions that they will tackle later in the curriculum. The classes also created display panels that were exhibited across from the teachers’ room on the 3rd floor. Fanny Antoine, Claire Lespinasse
CONFERENCE    Former French Minister Jack Lang Meets With Students
On November 4th, former French minister and leading figure of the French socialist party, Jack Lang gave a lecture at the LFNY on the theme: “France: European and World Power.” He was able to answer relevant questions from the Première and Terminale students and engaged them in a meaningful discussion.
LITERATURE    Meeting Joan Scott at NYU
On October 16th three Terminale history students, Ada O’Higgins, Nilufar Amin, and Camille Kasavan, attended a lecture by Princeton historian Joan Scott at NYU’s Maison Française. The themes she discussed addressed issues that they studied in their OIB-History course, having read excerpts from Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex and having analyzed the evolution of French women’s rights after World War II. Professor Scott discussed second wave feminism in France and the US, and drew parallels to feminist struggles for equality in other parts of the world. Arthur Plaza
FINE ARTS    Studying the Four Freedoms at the Met and MoMA
In the context of their IDD (Itinéraire de Découverte / interdisciplinary project) on the Four Freedoms (Freedom from Want, Freedom of Speech, Freedom from Fear and Freedom of Worship), the students in 4ème 3 and 4 travelled to the Met and to MoMA to see works by Tiffany, O’Keeffe and Johns. From the works and texts of 20th and 21st century artists, they will create a Powerpoint presentation, as well as a short play about one of the Freedoms.
TEACHERS    English Programs at French Schools
This is is the third year that the LFNY has sent representatives to the EPFS (English Programs at French Schools) workshops and conferences. Franco-American schools send colleagues from across the country to participate. The group was established to provide support, build curriculum goals, and exchange ideas for English programs. This school year, EPFS will have three workshops: one in Berkeley for leadership, one in Boston for English teachers and curriculum development, and one in Los Angeles for harmonization between the French and English programs of study. We are happy to be involved in such collaboration and enrichment which fortifies the English program here at the LFNY. Veronica McGivney
On Wednesday, November 11th, students in CP sold snowflakes they had made to benefit organization supported by CM2 students: KETO, an organization that protects the environment in Costa Rica; Enfance France Brésil, which takes in street children in Brazil; Brave Heart Fund, supporting pediatric heart surgery in Lebanon; and Enfants du Pérou, for pediatric surgery in Peru. The snowflakes, made in class, raised 190 dollars. This money was granted to the CM2 students by CP class delegates at the November 17th assembly. Christine Serrano
> A Feeling of Pride

> Yannick Noah in Concert

> Calyon Supports the Lycée

> More and More Student Initiatives

> Doing Homework


Fall Season Results


Middle School Girls
2nd out of 6 teams

Middle School A
4th out of 6 teamps

Middle School B
5th out of 9 teams

Junior Varsity
Co-champion/6 teams

Girls Varsity
9th out of 9 teams

Boys Varsity
Champion out of 7 teams


Girls Middle School
Champion/6 teams

Junior Varsity Girls
5th out of 10 teams

Girls Varsity
9th out of 9 teams

Cross Country

High School
Girls 2nd out of 7 schools
Boys 3rd out of 8 schools

Middle School
Girls 2nd out of 5 schools
Boys 9th out of 12 schools


December 8-10, 6pm
Winter Concert

December 15, 9:30am
PS Winter Concert

December 16, 9:30am
MS Winter Concert

December 17, 9:30am
GS Winter Concert

Dec. 19 - Jan. 3
Winter Recess

January 11
Jazz Concert

January 11-15
CM2 Trip to Frost Valley

January 18
Martin Luther King Day, school closed

January 22
Secondary Talent Show

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"You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give."

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